Friday, May 17, 2013

Preschool Family Picnic

I cannot believe we are at the end of Clare's first year of preschool!  She had a GREAT year at Kid City Preschool at Next Level Church...and we loved it, except for the LONG drive!!  Its about 20 minutes, which isn't awful until you have two other children who have to ride it twice a day.  All that to say, we are sadly changing to a preschool much closer to home for next fall.
But, as part of the end of the year celebration they had a family picnic day.

We were excited to all participate and Clare was SO excited for us to come eat lunch with her and her friends at school.

She asked multiple times if Daddy was coming and being the great dad he is, he drove 45 minutes from work for watermelon and a turkey sandwhich. 

At the end of the picnic, which included ice cream :)  Ms. Lisa, Clare's teacher handed out awards to the kids.  It was no surprise to us that Clare got "biggest helper." 

Next year Clare will be in a young 5's class and Elle will spend one more year at home with Cole and I.

Clare made such great sweet friends at school this year...such a sweet blessing!

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