Monday, May 28, 2012

Holiday weekend fun

We had such a great memorial weekend, just spending time as a family with great friends!
We started off the weekend with a trip to the Columbia, SC zoo with our great friends the Kirks.  I cannot believe we didn't get one picture of us all together.  We all piled into our mini van for the two hour drive and everyone did great!

Clare REALLY wanted a frozen pink drink...until she saw the carousel.  We made her pick and of course the carousel won.  I was worried she would have a hard time when it ended, but she handled it like such a big girl!

My little monkey!

Then on Monday we went to our great friends the Watt's.  The recently moved into a home with a pool (yay for us!!!).  It was such a treat to spend the day swimming!

Clare wanted so badly to go off the diving LD took her!  She did great!  She is turning into a little fish!

Here is Elle in her full swim gear.  She isn't quite sure of the water this year, so she just wandered around most of the time.

But Clare didn't want to get out of the water for anything.  She's super independent this year as long as she has her swimmies.

The girls and their friend Jayden eating some grub before hopping back into the pool.

This is my great friend Jodi and her beautiful little girl Lelia.  Lelia and Clare are the best of friends!

And this is Elle's little bestie Mae.  Elle calls her "mae-mae."  And on Sunday mornings all I say is that we are going to church and for the rest of the morning and the entire drive there all I hear is "mommy, mae-mae??"  It's so sweet.  They really are cute little buddies!

Such a fun day to spend in the sun!!!

And we were definetely worn out after such a fun day!

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Britt Watt said...

You and I are on top of it! We both put up blog posts with pictures from today! I love those pics!