Saturday, May 19, 2012


Today was my 30th birthday!  That is a big one!  Last night on our normal Friday night walks to get ice cream at Chick Fil A after dinner, LD and I were talking about my decade in review, which is the same for him since we starting dating at 18.  I will say...we have packed a LOT in the last decade. 
Here is a snapshot of the decade in review:
20 - Got engaged
21- Spent a month in Costa Rica and Guatemala, and Graduated college
22 - Got married
23- Moved to Charlotte and got a dog
24- Bought a house
25 - Took a breath ;)
26- Had Clare
27 - Took another breath
28 - Had Elle
29- Moved to our second home

I have no doubt the next decade will slow down and I am already excited about less change in my life.  We spent my birthday at Dan Nichols Park, which is in Salisbury, about an hour and a half away.  We hadn't been there yet and it was a super fun place!

They have a carousel, train, paddle boats, wildlife area with bobcats and bears, a barn of farm animals and a ton of places to play!  The best part is everything is 50 cents or a dollar to ride.

This was Clare at the eagle exhibit seeing how big her wing span was!

And of course we had to participate in the little goofy photo areas...

I was impressed with how well Elle did with the mission.

And we stopped for some popcorn and lollipops.

And all four of us rode a paddle boat, which was an adventure to say the least!

It was a perfect family time morning adventure.  The entire day was filled with surprises of great packages in the mail, little gifts waiting at my door, and surprise visitors.  We ended the evening with a great dinner out and after the girls went to bed some wine and The Vow!  I have to say, it was a day all about me, filled with my favorite things.  I'm one happy girl.  Blessed to have been given an amazing 30 years and cannot wait to see what else God has in store!


Teresa Templin said...

Love you dearly and am thankful for your friendship. 30 is bound to be amazing!!
Your pictures are fun of the girlies!

Jessica said...

I'm glad you had such a fun birthday! Love you!

melissaj said...

Thank you Jess! Thank you T! Love you both!!!