Friday, March 9, 2012

Yay for cousins!

We had such a fun surprise last week when our niece Kristyl called and asked if her, her husband Jaap and Tyce could come visit us during her spring break from school.  Of course we said YES!!!  We love having visitors, especially when it means the girls get to play with their cousins!!

Tyce and Elle are only a few months apart and loved playing together!

And it warmed up for a few days so we could play outside.  Look at my sweet great nephew!!!

And they played hard!

This is the pose we normally found them in.  Can you see Elle's "what, I didn't do anything!" face.  I see that face often!

Oh my, we are missing this sweet little boy now that he is home with his parents!

Everyone joined in the sand castle fun.

The whole time they were here, everyone called the "the babies."  They were usually together somewhere causing trouble.

With two babies attempting to grab toys, Clare set up shop on the stairs to play.

They were so cute together, making big messes!

And of course there were lots of time for snuggles!!

Thank you Jaap, Kristyl and Tyce for making the long trip to come and spend some time with us!  We miss you already!!

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Lauren said...

Melissa, these are adorable kids. Thank you for sharing! :]