Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trip of the year!

We finally got to go on our long awaited trip to Las Vegas for my sister Vanessa and Evan's wedding!!  Though we have been incredibly excited about the trip, I was flying out with both girls by myself...and I was a little worried...just a little!  I'll blog a different post about the wedding because there was just so much going on, but here is a little more about our week in Vegas!
I had done some super poor planning in trying to be budget conscious.  We had a two hour flight to Chicago, a THREE hour layover and a four hour flight to Vegas.  AND, our flight from Charlotte left at 7:30am. 

So of course, these pictures were taken during our layover when everyone was still happy.  I'm pretty sure during the second half of our Vegas flight people were wanting us off the plane as fast as possible.  But...we made it and thats all that mattered!

This is how we looked upon landing.  All sleeping peacefully!

We got settled into our beautiful 4 bedroom rented home that we shared with my parents, Vanessa, my Aunt Tina and cousin Emily.

It worked out perfectly to have a place to set up wedding central and also have a backyard for the girls to play!

And they did a ton of playing.  The edge of the yard was all dirt.  It was gross dirt, and that is where the girls spent all of their time.

Wednesday was Vanessa's 26th birthday.  Evan's sister in law, Angelique (whom I adore!) asked if we wanted to get matching shirts with her kids.  So the big girls wore shirts that said I love my aunt and the babies wore shirts that said, I love my uncle.  They looked so cute!

And it was fun to be able to celebrate Vanessa's birthday and meet all of Evan's family!

The night of the bachelorette party my aunt, cousin and mom took the girls out for the evening.

And of course they enjoyed the night in style. Clare went on and on about riding in Cinderella's carriage.  I kept reminding her this is stuff that only Grammie's do :)

Then the day after the wedding we took the girls on the strip (risky I know!).  But it was fun to see some of the sights.

Of course Clare LOVED the Bellagio fountains!

Elle tried, but she just couldn't handle all the stiumlation!  Heck, I can barely handle it myself!!

It was so fun having some much needed family time!

We enjoyed dinner at Cheesecake Factory on our last night there with all of our friends and family that flew in from Michigan.

And then we packed up and headed home.

We weren't even out of the airport parking lot and the girls were gone!  Traveling is a lot of work with little peanuts, but we had a great adventure!  They are turning into quite the little travelers!!

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kay said...

i'm so glad you had a great time!! what great memories!!