Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Vegas Wedding

I cannot say enough how thankful I am that I was able to spend the week before Vanessa's wedding in Las Vegas with her and my mom.  Being far away during this special time has been hard, and I am just thankful we had these precious days together before she became Mrs. Hartsell!
Everyone knows that it is extremely important for the bride and the flower girl to look their best on the wedding day, so our first priority was getting pedicures! :) Clare was super into it, and it was very cute.

Next on our agenda was a bachelorette party!!  These were all the ladies that came and lavished some special love on Vanessa, celebrating her last few nights as a bachelorette!

We had dinner at a restaurant, ate yummy treats and Vanessa opened some fun gifts!

And then Vanessa told us about our "job" while we were in Vegas.  We had 53 white tablecloths to iron for the wedding.  53 is A LOT!!!!!

So a lot of time was spent ironing....

And ironing....(her future mom in law was even put to work!)

And then of course we had the fun rehearsal to get ready for their big day!!

All of the ladies in Evan's family has worn this cute little hat during rehearsal time.

Me and my little bug at the rehearsal!

They had a beautiful bridal party that flew in from all over!

And Clare and Ainsley (Evan's neice) became quick friends and were adorable!!

Then it was time for the REAL deal! 

I LOVE hwo they did Clare's hair and she sat so still thanks to many people sharing their iphones and ipods with her.

And Vanessa's brooch boquet came out beaituful!!!  I loved it!

Vanessa came up with a cute idea to do a flash mob as a surprise to Evan.  so she had emailed about 50 women a link to this little dance to "The Right Stuff" and we had all learned it.  So the bridal party practiced after we got our hair done.

Vanessa looked stunning in her dress!!!

And Clare and I both love having a reason to dress up and act like a princess!

So thankful we got to spend this day together!

And it was a beautiful wedding!!

Our family cleans up nice huh? ;)

I love Clare's dress!  I'm going to have to make it into a Halloween costume in the future to use it again.

Clare loved making special memories with her Auntie V!

Then it was time to send off the beautiful new couple!!

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Hartsell!! We are so glad to welcome you to the family Evan!

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kay said...

what a beautiful ceremony it was!! loved that i could watch from home!

yay for vanessa and evan!!