Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Clare Bear!!

My little tiny baby is THREE!!!  And boy did we celebrate!!  We were incredibly blessed to have my parents, Vanessa and Evan here for the week of Clare's 3rd birthday and she had a week long celebration for sure!

First my mom was insistant that we needed a "family party" since so many of us were together and Clare has not experienced many family parties in her short little life.  So we did an ice cream cake, presents, the whole thing!

 Clare got her first my little ponies!

 And a new bike from daddy and mommy...that we still have yet to master riding

But Elle REALLY loved the bike!!

And even some Princess bedding!!

Grammie and Clare made some treats in her new easy bake oven.

And Clare went to sleep dreaming about all her fun toys in her new princess bed!! was time to get ready for party number 2!  Clare's very first kid party which was a carnival theme!
 Everyone chipped in to help in the preparations!

And we had 3 little stations: balloon animals, face painting and dress up/photo area

 We made yummy clown cupcakes instead of a cake

 And though it was a rainy day and we couldn't be outside

 We still had SO much fun!!!!

 Everyone participated in being a little silly!

 And even playing pin the nose on the clown..though Clare had a hard time not peaking!

 We had yummy carnival food like corn dogs, apples and carmel dip and popcorn.  I mean what kid wouldn't love that for lunch?!?

 And by the end everyone was into wearing their silly faces!

My sweet little 3 year old clown :)

And everyone took home a whole bunch of carnival treats!
It was a super fun day all around!!!

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Happily Deranged said...

Happy Birthday Clare! I can't believe she is 3 already! Such a big girl! =)