Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer trip to Michigan

Just mommy and Clare flew to Michigan last Monday for some time with family! This could turn into a very long post because of all we did and who we saw, but I'll try very hard to keep it to the basics. Clare did great on the plane ride and all of my prayers were answered with the flight being on time and no complications. It was difficult for my preggo belly and Clare to fit into the same seat, but we managed!

Monday evening we went to the church I grew up in just to say hi to a few people since it was VBS and Clare ended up playing in the 2 year old class and having a ton of fun! She would have gone every evening if we had time. Tuesday we spent the day at my parents and friends came over throughout the day to visit, which was so nice. I loved that most of our trip was spent in one place and people came to see us. It really helped on not feeling overwhelmed. Tuesday evening we celebrated my neice, Kristen's 17th birthday and it was fun to be with her to celebrate! Clare also got to play with her cousin Jayden who is 2 months younger than her. They are SO cute together and I love seeing them play!

Wednesday my mom, Clare and I drove to Reading to spend the day with LD's parents, sisters and our neices and nephew. By this point in the trip Clare had gotten very clingy and only wanting mommy, which is very unusual for her. She finally got out of her little funk and hung out with everyone. It was nice to have a day to spend with them, celebrate my neice Kara's 16th birthday and also celebrate my neice Kristyl who is preggo as well! From there we drove to Dundee for me to have dinner with my college roomie and also went to the church my dad is now the pastor of. It was a long day, but so worth it to spend time with so many people we love!

Thursday was another day at my parents with more friends coming to visit! In the evening we headed to my aunt's house to celebrate my cousin Kevin's birthday (are you noticing a trend here??). Clare had more birthday cake than she's ever had in her life!! There were lots more cousins to play with there so she was wore out by the end of the day. I ended Thursday evening with 3 great high school friends, which was a perfect end to my trip.

Friday mornng my mom, Clare and I headed back to Charlotte. We did incredibly well making the trip in 12 hours! Clare watched only 3 hours of Barney, which was very impressive I thought with no major meltdowns. It was a fun trip, but as you see in the pics, at 29 1/2 weeks I am pretty pregnant and am happy to be home and back to normal. We are so glad to have my mom with us for a few days as well.

Here are some pics from the trip!

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