Thursday, August 12, 2010

Clare loves Barney and Jesus

My sweet daughter has an obsession with Barney. Before one year Clare didn't watch any television, then for most of her second year of life she was allowed 30 minutes a day. As she's approaching 2 she usually watches an hour. Our goal of this was just to limit her tv intake so she would have more focus on playing. Anyway..all that to say we thought it would help with her obsesson with tv. I'm telling you that girl has fallen head first off a chair, thrown up, and had bloody knees and if you ask her if she wants to watch Barney, the tears miraculously stop...instantly!!

Every night at dinner Clare says a simple prayer, usually like this "Dear Jesus, thank you for our food. Thank you for mommy, daddy, Clare and sister. Amen" Just this last week she started adding some new things...a friends name, chicken, etc. Well last night she prayed only for Clare, Barney, Baby Bop and BJ. And a few nights ago when I put her to bed she asked to sing Jesus Loves Me and I asked her if she loved Jesus and she said "yes, and Barney."

So.....yes, I am raising a very serious Barney lover! This is a little video of her this week singing her favorite Barney song. The funniest part is that she is doing the movements that the kids do in her video. The other funny thing is you can't tell in the video but she is doing her dancing facing the oven so she can watch her reflection. Yup..she's my daughter and I love it!

Sorry for the naked girl....she just started performing so we didn't worry about clothes!

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