Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy 6 year anniversary!

We came home from Michigan just in time to celebrate our six year anniversary! My mom was here so we were even more excited for a free date night, a rare occurrance for us!! LD made reservations the same place we went last year, a super great place in Charlotte called Barrington's. It is so cute and little and is a treat to be able to eat there. We couldn't get in til 9pm, which is a very late dinner for us, but we were so excited about it we got there very hungry! We both oohed and ahhed over our entrees and had an amazing pudding cake dessert with homemade ice cream. I mean how many restaurants make their own ice cream for dessert?!? The whole way home LD wouldn't even talk about food and he went straight to bed. I think we overdid it a little, but it was worth the indulgence ;)

Happy 6th Anniversary love!!

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