Sunday, August 2, 2009

Playdates and visitors

Clare has had a happening last few weeks full of lots of fun surprises! Last Monday we met some very dear mommy friends and babies at the Y for swimming. I wish I would have gotten more pictures, but here are a few. The greatest thing about the Y pool is that is has a beach-like slope so Clare can crawl in and out of the water herself. She is quite the daredevil and more than once she would be sitting in water up to her shoulders just looking around at the big kids. It was a very fun day for us and she took great naps after that!
On Wednesday we had a few friends over to help with a Give Love Project we have going on at our church where we are filling 600 backpacks with school supplies and giving them to a school in need. We did most of the preparations while Clare slept, but when she woke up her and her friend Levi had a great time crawling through the backpacks, pulling them out of their neat little stacks and finding tiny scraps of paper on the floor! It is so fun to watch two little 10 month old babies interact. They just explore each others face, hair and clothes without any care about personal space or appropriateness...very cute

Then this past weekend I had plans to go with 4 other girlfriends overnight to Greensboro to a Beth Moore women's conference. I was really looking forward for some time as Melissa and not mommy and as my first night away from Clare. LD invited his mom and sister to come visit while I was gone and no one ever passes up an opportunity with their grandchild or niece while mommy is away :) So, it was a great treat to have Grandma Jackson and Aunt Lei down for the weekend to play!!

It's been a fun filled week and tomorrow Grammie and Papa are coming for a visit as we have more playtime in the works!!

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