Saturday, August 8, 2009

Celebrating 5 years

Our new pool

Celebrating 5 years of marriage :)

It's not very often that I post about LD or I, as most of them are focused on Clare and her growth and changes but last night was a big occassion for us as we celebrated our 5 year anniversary! It is amazing to see the many things God has blessed us with in 5 short years and all the ways we have matured and changed. I asked LD yesterday how I've changed in the past 5 years and among many other things he said I've become a mother, a cook, and thrifty. It made me laugh, but it is so true, I struggled making anything but macaroni and cheese 5 years ago and I loved to shop (which I still do love, but I've learned all about coupons!!).

LD surprised me by taking the day off of work yesterday and we really just had a day of fun and play at home. My parents came for a short visit last week and purchased a patio table and umbrella for our anniversary gift. They also brought a hand me down pool from my aunt, which is about a foot deep, but big enough for all of us to sit in if we wanted. So we spent some of the day playing in the pool. Then we had a babysitter come around 7 and as LD was taking me out to dinner! We both got dressed up and went to dinner at Barrington's in South Park. Neither of us had ever heard of it, but it came highly recommended by a co-worker of LD's. It is a very cute, very small (only about 10 tables) reservation necessary restaurant. LD and I do not eat out at high end places very often, so it was an incredible dinner for us. We had a 2 hour leisurely dinner over a bottle of wine and it was incredible. It was a great, memorable day for the two of us!

I am so blessed God has given me such an amazing partner in life! LD is my best friend, my support system, my encourager and an amazing teammate and father. It is exciting to be able to spend each day with him and I am so thankful for the love he pours into our family! Happy Anniversary love!


Porcaros said...

Your post made me cry, as I understand how important and blessed you are to have a wonderful partner and best friend in life to call your husband! I can only hope that you and LD share many more wonderful years together and many more bottles of wine on your anniversaries to come! Love you guys!

The Grasmans said...

Happy Anniversary you guys!! Hard to believe how fast 5 years can fly by! And....I like to think I inspired you to like cooking when we were back in k10:) I'm proud of your acquired talent!! Love you guys!

jacksonfamily said...

Shell - you are so sweet. Thank you so much for always thinking of us on our anniversary. We are so blessed to have a friend like you!

Sar - yes Better Crocker you definetely had cooking down PRIOR to getting married. I wish I could have you over for dinner because you would be so proud of me!! Love ya!