Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moo's and Pat-a-cake

I think every single month I say "this is my favorite age" just keeps getting better!! Clare is 10 1/2 months old and she is babbling away about anything and everything to anyone who will listen! She waves at everyone we pass on our walk and at every person we pass at the grocery store. Her latest trick is "moo-ing" when asked what a cow says. The cow is the ONLY animal we know the sound for, but that kind of makes it even funnier. One day Clare and I were playing and I was telling her all the animal sounds and that seemed to be the only one that stuck. If you ask her what a horse or a duck says she just looks at you like your crazy, but we know all about our cows!!
Clare's other new favorite trick is bringing, or should I say throwing books to/at you that she would like to be read. I am trying to teach her that we can read different books but right now as soon as you finish a book she just picks it up and throws it back at you to read again. Cute, but "Five Little Monkey's" is getting old!
One of the cutest things happened today when I went to get Clare up from her afternoon nap. Usually I can hear her chattering away about 20 minutes before she normally gets up. We let her play in her bed until its time for her nap to be over. Today she was pretty quiet after her afternoon nap and I just peeked my head in to see if she was still sleeping. She was laying on her side, with her thumb in her mouth and she didn't jump up or move her body at all. Just she lifted her hand not in her mouth and waved very slowly. It was so precious, but it was obvious she was enjoying her relaxing afternoon!

It's hard to believe next month Clare will be 1!!! How does that happen?!? Here are some end of the summer pics as we've still been enjoying our little pool!

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