Sunday, March 9, 2014

Again....but to a different tune

I've thought all week about this post.  In a few moments of weakness I didn't know if it would get penned, but I am excited that the time has come for me to share.

Without going over again the history our family has had with MRSA over the last year and my extreme hatred for the superbug, just know we have been through it all.  In the last 8 months I have lived in fear that if I let a week slip without bleaching the tub, if I allowed the girls to sit in the bathtub, if I didn't bleach every towel in our house the minute we used them, if I didn't follow through on this crazy regiment - then I would be at fault for MRSA showing up in our household again.  And...I haven't.

Yet, last week Cole had a small dermatitis type rash in his diaper area and within 6 hrs, LD and I both knew MRSA had overtaken one little spot.  We've seen it more times than I want to admit and we knew.  Immediately LD said "It's game time" because we have been researching, investing, and had been directed down this path of essential oils.  My first disclaimer is this post is NOT about selling essential oils.  This journey is much deeper than that for our family.  But he was right, we bought into essential oils because of the protocol they had for MRSA and we had read A LOT, so essentially it was game time.

I have learned amazing things in my research - like did you know than when antibiotics kill the good and bad bacteria in our gut, some of the bad bacteria goes into hiding to show up again when our immune system is down?  Did you know some of that leftover bad bacteria can make its way into our spinal fluid, waiting to show it self again?!  When I learned this, it was freeing - wait, you mean this MRSA lives WITHIN our kids bodies now?  They are most likely not picking it up from my house not being sterile enough????  Sigh, knowledge is freedom.

As we committed this week to keep deep prayer, fasting, heart crying out rescuing from this superbug on our home I had such peace.  At times my faith waivered and when it did, LD poured truth into my heart.  He reminded me of the story in the Bible of the woman who bled for years but knew if she just touched, just barely touched Jesus cloak she would be healed.  Her faith healed her.  We had to have faith that God directed us to a path of deliverance and we knew this was the path He had directed us to.

At first my technique and tools weren't working and I panicked.  I called my oils mentor and asked her advice and we tried new things.  As I applied oils to Cole my mantra, my heart cry became a favorite song that says "Before the world began, before you spoke it to be, yeah you were, yeah you were."  These oils are not new, they were made in creation.  God created the things I was using to heal.

Day 5 - all of a sudden the spot started shrinking.  My heart breathed a sigh of relief and I was filled with overwhelming humility.  All of a sudden my faith was completely turned upside down.  I was taught about Christ and his love for me a young age, but all of a sudden if I believed what I was saying out loud, it meant my faith was tangible.  How dare I admit that the God of the universe created melaluca, cinnamon bark, oregano with me in mind.  But that's what the Bible says.  It says He knew me before I was born.  He knew I would need this to heal my son of a MRSA superbug that the medical field had created.  He knew I would be exhausted of the hospital, exhausted by insurance companies refusing to pay bills, exhausted of a crazy cleaning schedule that no sane person could manage.  He knew that He alone is my healer. 

And now I am free.  It is so revolutionary for me.  I have confidence that we will never live in fear of this nightmare again - sure, it may show its ugly head again.  But I have faith that God has given me the tools I need.

"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.  Stand firm then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery."  Galatians 5:1


kay said...
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kay said...

I love how big our God is!!!!

jacksonfamily said...

Me too Kay!

Becky Cato said...

Awesome!! Glad to hear everything is working :)

Michelle said...

So amazing. I am just starting down the oil path. Glad to hear your good news.