Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Girlfriends Day!

My great friend Hayley from high school decided to celebrate a holiday every day for a year. She created a blog and has documented how she is celebrating the holidays. It's been super fun to participate with her and watch her journey. Today is Girlfriends Day and to celebrate she invited all of her girlfriends over to her house yesterday. Being in North Carolina of course I could not participate, but she asked that all of her out of state friends do something to pamper themselves in celebration. Also, I received a card last week from my friend Michele that said to open in on Girlfriends Day when I was celebrating. So yesterday I did two of my favorite things..ate chocolate and watched the Bachelorette (I know, exciting life I live!). I definetely am thankful for the girlfriends I have in my life! I am thankful for my girl posse from high school who is still incredibly close, my K-10 girls in college, and my wonderful friends/family in Charlotte who have supported LD and I as we have started a family. I am blessed beyond measure by great friends in my life.

It has also been incredibly fun to watch Clare develop friendships with little girls. There are a group of girls are our cul-de-sac who are very unique. There are two sets of sisters, one set are from Romania and are going into 1st and 3rd grade, the other set are going into 2nd and 4th grade. The girls are much older than Clare, but they have accepted her as an honorary part of their little group. It's precious to watch. When our garage opens they all come running and Clare asks where her girls are if they are not around. Clare looks out her bedroom window often checking to see if she is missing in the action. I am amazed at how sweet they are to her and how patient they are given the age gap. I took this picture of them yesterday as they were playing in the sandbox with Clare. Emily, the oldest girl was not home, but I love how much this picture is a perfect example of the start of girlfriends.

Happy Girlfriends Day :)

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