Sunday, August 7, 2011

Celebrating 7 years and 9 months

There are two great things to celebrate with this blog post. The first is very overdue, but much needed. Sweet Elle turned 9 months on July 21st. And as a mother of 2 I have not been staying up on my blogging as I should. So I wanted to take a few minutes to celebrate the sweet little girl Elle is and all she is doing these days!

When Clare was 9 months she was just starting to become mobile and Elle has been very mobile since about 8 1/2 months. I wouldn't be surprised if she was walking very soon. She crawls...FAST and pull up on anything and everything. She's gotten her fair share of bumps on the head from pulling up on things that are not very stable. I attribute her quickness to having a big sister she desperately tries to keep up with. She also became very verbal in the last two weeks. It always sounds like she's yelling at Bella, which she very well may since that seems to be who we are most often yelling at. She can wave and play peek a boo with a blanket and loves, loves, loves her pink horse wub-a-nub that has become her lovey of choice. She is so sweet and everyone is always complimenting her cute cheeks (something she will not like having complimented in a very short time)...but boy, that girl has a little temper. She does not like to be messed with and if you do mess with her you are most likely going to be kicked. The thing she HATES the most is getting her finger nails clipped. We could stand on her head to entertain her and she kicks her feet and screams the entire time! My very favorite thing now...and probably will be forever is watching the girls make each other laugh. They sure crack each other up! Happy 9 months my sweet little girl!

The second reason for celebration is mine and LD's 7 year anniversary! We talk all the time how we are blessed and living our dream. We have beautiful, happy children, a house that we have made a home and the biggest blessing...we truly love living our lives together. It has been since mid June that we had gone on a date, so dinner to celebrate was long over due. But even though it was overdue we definetely celebrated to our full potential. I'm sure no one really cares how delicious the food was or the great conversation we had....but I do want to celebrate how wonderful my husband is. And here is a PERFECT example...

My friend Kirsten started a little business making clutch purses among other things. A few weeks ago I asked her to make one for my neice Kara. I sent it to Kara for her birthday and she loved it! I commented when we were sending it to her that I really wanted one myself. Today LD handed me a box at church that was all wrapped and so cute....he had Kirsten make me a clutch as well! Not only that, but he had her sew a #7 on the inside since it was for our 7th anniversary. Yes..I know, I am both very spoiled and very loved!

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