Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Singing" six month old

My dear sweet Elle,

It is incredibly hard to believe you are 6 months old! I remember the time going by fast with Clare, but I truly think it got even faster with you! A part of me gets so sad because I feel like you have mastered some great tricks and hit some big milestones without the celebrations you so deserve. You are the sweetest baby I have ever seen, truly. You bring so much joy to anyone who has the honor of spending time with you. My favorite thing ever is to pick you up from the nursery at church or come home after you are with a baby sitter and listen to them gush about how happy, smiley and sweet you are! You have a joy for life that is very contagious!

One of my other favorite things is watching you interact with your sister. My prayer everyday is that you and Clare grow up to be very best friends like your Auntie V and I are. I know there will be days when you don't get along, but the two of you will always have each other to lean on. My prayer is also that you will one day you will give your heart to Jesus. Every night when we say our prayers and I sing "Jesus Loves Elle" to you I pray that the words of the song already begin to shape your heart for Him in the future.

It has been so fun watching you learn to roll both ways and learn that rolling gets you to where you want to go. You've learned that you can participate in dinner time by grabbing the spoon and making a huge mess. You've learned when you squeal really high and really loud everyone laughs and pays attention to you. You've learned how to scoot on your back using your feet, moving you backwards and causing a beautiful bald spot on the back of your head. You've masterfully learned how to sleep through the night 8 out of 10 nights. And thankfully you have also learned how to play sweetly in your crib when you wake up until someone comes to get you.

Thank you so much sweet little girl for being such a blessing to our family! I am so very excited to continue to watch you learn and grow. I am so thankful God has allowed me the privilege of being your mommy and teaching you all about His creation in this beautiful world!

Happy Half Birthday Elle Adair!


The Grasmans said...

This is JUST what Avery does too:) Must be a girl thing, I don't think Luke ever did it! Sometimes she'll open her mouth and nothing comes out for a few seconds b/c it's so high pitched. Haha! Can't believe Elle is 6 months already! And I can't wait to see you guys soon!!

jacksonfamily said...

Oh Sar, I so wish we were closer. Our girls would be such great friends :) I can't wait to see you either!! Love you!!