Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter was always a big event at our house growing up...lots of family, food, celebrations, egg hunts, easter baskets...the works! When we moved to Charlotte we always had a ton of family here for Easter and the traditions carried on. The last few years it has not worked out for family to be with us, but our family has grown and we've loved to create and carry on the traditions we have always celebrated! The most exciting part is this is the first year we were able to explain to Clare the true meaning of Easter and what Jesus did for us when He died on the cross. will be a few years before she gets it, but I love hearing her sing her little songs that she has learned at Bible Study about Jesus being alive.

We had so much fun Easter morning watching Clare search for the eggs she had decorated. Her and LD had numerous practice hunts during the week to prepare for the big search, so she had gotten pretty good. Then of course she found her Easter basket and ate a LOT of candy at 9am. The girls looked beautiful in their matching dresses all ready for church. I am a bit frugal in the clothing department so its not often the girls have matching outfits just because I won't spend the money on them. But these dresses they will be wearing in our neice Kristyl's wedding this summer...and I LOVE them!

In the evening we went to our dear friends Kimmy and Min's. We are so blessed to have them in our life and consider them part of our family. We celebrated Christmas with them this past year as well and we truly are thankful for their friendship. They recently welcomed a second little boy, Azariah into their home 13 weeks ago, so now Azariah and Elle will be able to grow up together!

Here are some pics of our Easter adventures!

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Rebecca said...

sounds like a good time. the matching dresses are really pretty. it's so fun to dress them alike :)