Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When mommy's away...

The two year old melt down...poor grandma's!

I love this pic...the girls with their grandmothers!

And Vaness and I with a cowboy....

The Riverwalk is BEAUTIFUL!

This past weekend I had an incredible opportunity! My Alma mater, Spring Arbor University in Michigan had contacted my sister and I a year ago and wanted to do a video story on the ministry we are both doing in Charlotte and in Vegas. They flew camera crews down and put together an awesome video. Then they asked if they could fly us to San Antonio, TX where they were showing the video to donors for President's Weekend. Vanessa and I don't get a lot of time together so we were both ecstatic about this time!!

This 4 day trip took a major group effort. Both my mom and LD's mom drove down together (we are blessed they have become great friends) to spend 7 days with us and hang out with the girls while I was gone and LD was at work.

First my time away! Without rubbing in too many details we stayed on the Riverwalk in San Antonio at the Westin. Had mahi-mahi street tacos the first night, steaks the last night with great Tex-Mex in between. We took a boat ride, saw the Alamo, had pedicures, went to a rodeo, had presents on our bed every night and connected with some amazing people, both new friends and old! 'Nuff said, it was a GREAT trip :) You definitely don't need details about this, but my biggest challenge of the entire trip was getting Elle's "food" home with me...nuff said about that too!
I missed my girls terribly, but I highly doubt they missed me. You can't have much more love that two grandma's and a daddy in the same home! The grandma's did their fair share of spoiling and loving on the girls. Clare is still recovering from sugar, lack of sleep, and a case of getting anything she wanted for a week. Every two year old needs a grandma's spoiling at least once! They stayed incredibly busy eating out lunch everyday, trips to get ice cream, a new basketball hoop, visiting the nature museum, and daily walks! They were very busy.

Elle grew a TON in four days..its insanity. She is somewhat mobile at 4 months which is insane. She uses her feet to arch her back and scoot herself backwards. It takes her a while, but she can get around! She is also incredibly verbal and makes these cute crazy sounds!

It was such a blessing to spend some time with my lil sis, but I am thankful to be home with my wonderful lil fam!!

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