Thursday, March 31, 2011

Busy Days = time going too fast!!

I really wish I could slow down the days right now. Elle is a little over 5 months and Clare just turned 2 1/2 and I feel like everytime I blink we are one month ahead. We are so over the crazy newborn days and have settled into an awesome schedule. I love my days with the girls and am SO blessed to be home with them!

Right now Elle has gotten really good at rolling from tummy to back and can scoot on her back across the floor. She has sweet high pitched squeals that she loves to practice too. She eats 2 meals of "solids" a day, has dropped her dream feed and sleeps 12 hours a night...unless the teething fairy decides to visit! No teeth yet, but I dont think it will be long before one pops through!

Clare is busy busy busy. Her sweet little mouth never stops, which is quite like I was at this age (or still am LD would say). She has started the "why?" game, has learned the art of procrastination and also the game of negotiation. Every night at dinner she'll ask for ice cream, when I say no, its how about a cookie, and then she widdles her way down to an M&M and by that time I usually give in. She knows very well how to work the system! She is really into shapes right now and her newest one is an octogon, which she learned from the stop signs while we were on walks. She sounds like a little dictionary when she says, "Mom, look there is a stop sign, it is an octogon, it has 8 sides." But when we were watching LD's basketball game and she noticed the clock was shaped like an octogon I was quite impressed. Every now and then when she doesn't recognize a shape she'll say "Look a rexagon" or some other combination. I love love love this age. She makes me laugh all day long!

We have been incredibly busy lately! We were blessed to have LDs sister, Lei, her husband and their 3 kids down for a visit last weekend. Clare just called Kara, Evan, and Cassidy, the cousins when speaking about the entire group, but was extremely fond of Cassidy. It was SO great having older kids here that wanted to play with our girls and love on them. As always, I am so thankful when they have the opportunity to come and visit us. Clare and I took Kara and Cassidy to a little ballet, which was cute, just LONG. Clare made it through the entire 1 hr and 45 min. show, whith just a few breakout songs. At one point it was so quiet and Clare just started singing "Mr. Sun" at the top of her lungs, but we made it through. She also told me numerous times when she gets bigger she would like to be a ballerina. Since we went she has been wearing her red tutu everywhere!

While they were here we also got to eat out lots of times, they made a trip to Monkey Joe's and got to play with Clare's new kite and baseball glove they brought for her. Life is busy, but it really is so fun!! I am praying these next 6 months don't go nearly as fast as the last 6 have!

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