Thursday, February 17, 2011

The month of February

Pics by Christine at Dimples and Curls

I feel like there is a lot going on and just have not blogged much lately, so here is all that has been happening in the Jackson world!!
-We are HEALTHY!! (whoo hoo, knock on wood!)
I had to take Clare to an ear, nose and throat doctor this week because she has had SO many ear infections (5 since Dec. 1st) and had some fluid on her ear. Of course when we went her ear was perfectly beautiful, but sadly the doctor said if she gets another ear infection in the next few weeks we may have to have her adnoids removed. Please pray we don't have to go that route and that God will keep her little ears healthy. I have become extremely paranoid and every time she touches her ear or has a bad nap I'm sure its another one coming.

- We had a great Valentines Day!
It is fun to have little girls and celebrate Valentines Day. LD and I have always celebrated with eating out or a card, but nothing huge. Clare and I made some heart shaped brownies, heart shaped Jell-o and she got a few packages in the mail (our next highlight). LD brought us home dinner too, which was a treat to me. And our great friend Christine at Dimples and Curls Photography took some awesome pics of the girls! We have our official 3 month photo shoot to get pics of them together the beginning of March, but these came out so cute, and Clare LOVED the cookie pop she got to eat while pics were being taken.

-We have gotten a LOT of fun mail!
In 3 short days we received a Valentines package from my Aunt Tina, a Valentines box from my mom, and Christmas presents from LD's sisters family. They all came on different days and when Clare would get up from her nap we spent all afternoon opening and playing with the fun things she got. On day 4 she woke up and said "I need a present!" and I realized she had been very spoiled!! Also every new book and stuffed animal she has gotten has taken up residency in her bed and there is not much room left for her, but she will not part with any of it!

-Clare is now very obsessed with public Restrooms...not so fun!
Clare is now leaving home in her big girl undies and has been GREAT at it. The problem is that she is very curious about public restrooms, and I hate to tell her to hold it and have an accident, and she always does really go. So poor LD had to take her by himself into the men's restroom at Best Buy, and I've had to make many stops along the way. She also likes to show off her cute little panties, which has lead us to many discussions about privacy. There is no modesty with a 2 year old!

We have a very exciting week coming up as my mom and LD's mom are both coming to stay for 1 week! I am flying to San Antonio to meet my sister and speak at a Spring Arbor University event, which I am so stinkin excited about. Knowing that daddy and both grandma's are with the girls will give me such peace of mind to really have a good time with my sis!! So I'm sure I'll have lots to post about their adventures very soon!


Britt Watt said...

Those pictures are great- they are so beautiful! Both your girls are so big! Miss you guys

jacksonfamily said...

Thank you Britt!! I LOVE keeping up with Mae on your blog...we miss you too!!!