Saturday, January 29, 2011

The girl loves to talk!

When I was little I was a talker...I still am a talker. But when I was little my parents often tell me how I would talk to a wall. I just loved to talk. My sweet little Clare has been blessed with the gift of gab as well. She is to the age when she says some seriously funny stuff, and she is also to the age where she repeats things 80 million times even though you've patiently said, "Yes Clare" every single time!

Example #1 - We had to go to the doctors this week because I knew both girls had ear infections. Clare has been super into playing with her doctor kit at home and could barely contain her excitement while waiting for the nurse to call her name. When she finally did Clare stood up and yelled "hurry mom, its my turn"...and away we went. When the doctor came in and was trying to listen to her heart this was the conversation within about 35 seconds.
Clare: "Mom, that is Dr. Blanton. Dr. Blanton is listening to my heart. Do you see him listening to my heart? Mom, can I have a sticker? The stickers are in the closet, can I have one?"
Dr. Blanton: "Clare, sweetheart, I need you to be quiet so I can hear your heart.
Clare: OK, (giggle giggle) Dr. Blanton are you listening to my heart? (giggle, giggle)
Dr. Blanton: Clare, I need you to try to be very quiet.
This went on for about 5-6 min and I had to do everything in my power not to laugh because poor Dr. Blanton was so serious.

Example #2 - We are in Target and Clare is talking non-stop about the gum and candy next to the check out line. She is talking to no one in particular and I was ignoring her while I was loading my things on the check out lane. The cashier says "Hi sweetheart". Clare stops talking, flashes a sweet little grin and very sweetly says "Please don't look at me...I'm shy". What???? Where does this come from??

Example #3 - Today we took a family walk and Clare rode in her wagon. On the way back to the house she decided she needed to play outside and ride on her bike when we got home. The entire 10 minute walk back home this was the conversation.
Clare: Mom I need to ride on my bike.
Me: Ok, Clare when we get home you can.
Clare: Mom, can I ride on my bike?
Me: yes, Clare please stop asking
Clare: Dad, I want to ride on my bike.
LD: Yes Clare, mommy said you could.
Clare: Can I ride my bike?
Me and LD: Yes Clare stop talking about it!!
AHHHH...its sweet and innocent but seriously that girl just does not stop!

The other funny thing she does right now is mixes up words and I LOVE IT. LD tries to correct her often, but I think her words are much better. Here are some of her mix-ups.
Alligator when referring to an elevator
Rain drops when referring to ear drops
Lily Pop is a lollipop
Whack and cheese is Mac and cheese
She is the best and makes me smile everyday!

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Rebecca said...

so fun! liberty is our talker and sounds much like clare. and our girls called elevators alligators, too!