Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving in Michigan

We did it!! We did it!! We honestly went on a 12 hour road trip with a 26 month old, 5 weeks old, and dog in a 5 seater can be done. I was very stressed out about this trip and I was very unprepared for it, but we pulled it off. The trip itself was pretty uneventful, though a lot of work! We stopped 3 times each way, every 3-4 hours to feed Elle and when we stopped L.D. was incredibly busy getting gas in the car, getting food for everyone, changing Clare's diaper and taking Bella out. Each stop lasted about an hour no matter how fast we moved. We made both trips in 12 hours and usualy its an 11 hour trip, so we did really well, but we did decide a bigger vehicle will be purchased very soon.

Now the vacation....or family traveling I should say...LD and I decided it was not a vacation by any means. Of course it did not go as planned, but it was a huge blessing in a lot of ways. Before leaving we knew hospice has been called in for LD's grandmother and the family had gathered, so we were prepared that she would pass at some point during our trip. LD was able to spend 2 days with her and with his family before she left this life on Saturday evening surrounded by her children and grandchildren. The next two days were spent at visitation and the funeral, of course not a fun time, but we got a lot of time with family we would not have otherwise seen and we were thankful to be a part of all that was taking place.

A funeral home is definetely not a place for a two year old, but we made the best of it. At one point Clare asked about grandma and I explained that she went to live with Jesus and she was resting peacefully. I, in my motherly wisdom and concern was trying so hard to explain it correctly without causing Clare any confusion and the next words out of her mouth were, "Want to touch her?" She tried over and over throughout the evening to "touch her" and we all had to laugh at her sweet innocence.

We did have a great Thanksgiving dinner with LD's family and spent a few days with my parents at their new home in the country, right next to a little pond. Clare caught her first fish with daddy and papa and had no fear as she held it up for a picture. We decorated Grammie's Christmas tree, had Christmas with cousins from both sides of the family and got to love on Auntie V who had flown in from Vegas. Elle's big highlight of our trip was the day before we left she showed off her first grin, followed by lots and lots more!!

This Thanksgiving we are thankful for God's perfect timing and for the blessings He is continually pouring over our family!

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