Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Praise report about Vanessa!

We are so thankful for a faithful God who continues to protect Vanessa and guide her as she fights this battle! Just wanted to share the news with you!!

Faithful Family and Friends,

Thank you barely seems like the appropriate words for the embarrassing amount of encouragement I've received from you over the past few weeks. I've been overwhelmed with care packages, encouragement, and unceasing prayers. After speaking at a Women's Breakfast a few weeks ago, I realized what an opportunity I've been given. It was after I finished speaking and sharing my heart with the women that I saw a miracle take place in the room before me as women shared with tears in their eyes that they too were fighting a battle. An amazing young woman in the room shared the same physical battle of cancer with me, yet I realized just how big the giants that each of us are up against on a daily basis truly are. Gathered around one another in prayer, I watched God take this challenge in my life and transform it into a platform to change the "what is" in our lives to the "possibility of what could be" in Christ. WOW - as I spoke the words I realized just how many moments I've been given as possibility!

I have never doubted the power of prayer, yet when I get to experience the fruits firsthand it always blows me away. This afternoon I received a phone call from sharing that my test results came back showing NO leukemia and NO cancer within my lymph nodes! What a faithful God! What this means moving forward is that we will continue with the steroid treatments I am currently on until my doctors appointment on December 14th to re-evaluate the progress and growth.

Thank you for your faithfulness to intercede on my behalf each and every day! I ask that as you pray for healing, that you would specifically pray for me to be a good steward of this opportunity and platform I've been given to shine the light into the lives of others!

With gratitude and love,

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Rebecca said...

oh that is amazing!! so happy to hear that!