Thursday, February 11, 2010

Busy Little Bee

I have been a really bad blogger the last few weeks and my goal is definetely to get better!! Clare is 16 1/2 months and is now a big girl about everything she does. I was just talking to a friend and saying I thought boys were the ones that were all over and into everything and Clare most definetely is all over and into everything. She is so fun and has the funniest little personality. She has started really testing us and we have no doubt she will be the traditional strong willed first child.
Last weekend was a monumental weekend for us as I met 6 high school girlfriends in Ft. Myers Florida for a few days and LD's mom came to have special time with Clare. It was my second overnight away from Clare, but this time was two nights so I didn't see her for two days. We both handled it like champs :) I had a very fun, relaxing, refreshing time with the girls and I know Grandma and Clare had a ball together! It was fun to come home and see her doing a few new things like babbling and pointing at things like she was telling full stories and she learned to say "miss you" which is really cute.
Clare's new favorite thing of the week is babies. We have had babies for a few months but she has shown no interest at all. This week she carries this little doll around with her everywhere, she even goes in the car with us. She sings to her baby, reads to her and shares her milk :) The funniest thing was when Clare wanted to take off the dolls ridiculous amount of hair. She kept pulling it and saying off. I kept telling her it was stuck on her head just like her own hair. So now Clare thinks hair is called "stuck" and walks around pulling her own hair saying "stuck."
The other funny thing Clare has learned is how much mommy loves purell. As soon as she gets out of her class at the Y she runs straight for the purell container or as soon as she gets into the car after her library class she holds out her hand and says please. I am definetely not hoping Clare will have my crazy behaviors, but I am not minding this desire to be germ free!!
This week my mom comes to visit for a week and I will do my best to blog and post pictures of our adventures together, as there are always adventures with Grammie!!

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Rebecca said...

she is looking like such a big girl now! she's such a pretty little girl!