Sunday, February 21, 2010

Best Hubby Ever :)

I normally keep this blog simply about Clare for a lot of reasons, but mainly because I know that is all people are really interested in :) But today I can't let the moment pass without praise to my husband for his great secret keeping skills and grand planning expertise (also, I want to make sure this event is documented!) Are you in suspense?

Last Saturday my mom had planned to come to visit for a week when some friends of hers were planning a trip to visit some of their relatives in the Carolinas. So she hitched a ride with them and was excited about a long trip. Sunday was Valentines Day and I have told LD since we were first married to just get a card. No matter what holiday or event if I have a card waiting for me I will be happy. So Sunday card. I had cards and little gifts for everyone (including mom) and received not as much as a mumbled "happy valentines day" all day long. Needless to say by the evening I was a little bitter and happy to discuss it at great length.

Monday morning I woke up and LD told me to go get a suitcase and pack for 4 days...WHAT?!?! My serious type-A personality was so thrown off that I started spouting about needing to do laundry and the list of meetings and activities I had planned for the week. After about an hour of getting organized and packed (kind of) we headed off to an unknown destination. We ended up in Charleston, SC, which if you have not been there, it is beautiful. We don't do luxury often, so when we do, it is a huge treat. We stayed at French Quarter Inn, had breakfast in bed, wine and cheese in the afternoon, homemade cookies and milk before bed and Kilwin's chocolates on our pillows. Our days were spent roaming the beautiful historic city and walking town cobblestone roads to see the was bliss!! We saw Avatar in Imax 3D, did some shopping and ate at wonderful restaurants. LD made it very clear that this was not a Valentines gift it was a belated 5 year anniversary gift so I should not expect something like this again next year...maybe in 5?? :)

Of course we really missed Clare, but it was great knowing she was in great care with "Grammie" and they had a wonderful time together. They visited the Nature Museum, did some shopping, went to a library class and the park. When we got home on Thursday Clare would yell "GAMMIE!" when she was ready to get up from a nap and they had definetely formed a great bond!

Life gets so busy and time spent with my husband is so extremely precious! I am so thankful for him and thankful for the way he makes me a priority in his life. I am incredibly grateful for the many many blessings God has poured over my life...two of the best, Clare and L.D.!


Rebekah said...

Meliss, sounds like you guys had a great trip! How fun to get away:) Tell LD he did a good job!!

The Grasmans said...

Somehow my sister was logged in on our computer (she babysat last night) and i didn't see it before I commented:)

Rebecca said... very sweet!!!