Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving in Michigan

Clare is a true traveler and has been seriously inducted! We left last Tuesday at 2pm and drove til 12:45am, making great time and only stopping twice. We did with only watching 40 minutes of our favorite show "Yo Gabba Gabba", which I thought was pretty incredible. The last few times we have traveled Clare has struggled sleeping in a new place, which has made our trip tiring for everyone..but not this time..she is a big girl!

We went straight to Reading, MI, LD's parents house and I was so excited there was no snow. I think it is the first time since we moved that there was no snow during Thanksgiving and I was thrilled. We did get a little on the ground, but not even enough to count by my standards. LD's parents set up a crib and high chair so we were ready to camp out. Everyone came to see us so we literally did not leave the house in two days which was wonderful! Clare's favorite toy at her grandparents house was glass bells that Grandma let her walk around the house with. Every time they knocked together we all closed our eyes, but they stayed in one piece throughout our little stay.

Then we headed over to my parents house and made a pit stop along the way to visit some friends who just had a new baby. They have a cat named Grady and Clare, though a little timid, really loved the cat. She would just watch him until he pounced at her and then turn around and run. At my parents house Auntie V was also in from Vegas so the whole family was together. Friday night my mom decided to have a photog come and take pics of the entire family (ALL 25 of us). They moved all the furniture, set up a backdrop and was insanity. Clare decided she was not going to participate and we now have pictures with her finger up her nose, pulling Auntie V's hair, screaming and sucking her thumb. I was not happy about any of it, but we all survived, even though I am quite red faced in the pictures I'm sure from man handling my daughter while LD told me to just relax. Needless to say it was not the highlight of my trip...I'm just glad Grammie got her pictures!

The rest of the weekend was very fun and my mom pulled out our old kitchen set and Clare had so much fun, practicing saying "hello" into the phone over and over. My nephew Jayden turned 1 and we were able to go to his first birthday, a few of my high school friends came over to visit and my sister and I had a date night!

It seemed way to fast to pack up and come home, but it is so hard to believe we will be headed back on that ridiculous 12 hour drive in 3 short weeks. Clare did well on the way home and as soon as we got out of the car she had jello legs and fell on the driveway, landing a big raspberry on her chin....we will not be doing Christmas pics!

Hope your Thanksgiving was fun and filled with family and memories!

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