Sunday, November 15, 2009

On the mend....

Whew what a rough few weeks we have had. Clare's little body has been fighting something fierce and after an allergic reaction to an antibiotic (see lovely pics of our spotted girl below), ridiculous amounts of testing, lots of crying (on both mommy and Clare's part), I think we are coming out of the funk! We have spent two very long weeks mostly at home (which is why we have been doing activities like folding laundry together!), had 4 trips to the doctor, one trip to the hospital for chest xrays, a major "Food strike" on Clare's part, and a few sleepless nights. I have learned that both getting a urine sample from a baby and giving a baby a chest xray are two things I never want to be a part of again in my life, and I'm pretty sure Clare would agree.

I have also been reminded very clearly that my role as Clare's mother is to surround her in prayer, lay my requests for her life at Christ's feet and walk away allowing Him control, which is incredibly hard. As I look back at my life I know I have felt the power of prayer surrounding me in a lot of situations and I know my parents were always praying for me. I desire that same protection over Clare and it is mine and LD's responsibilities to ensure that happens. We are still waiting on some test results to come back, but I am confident that her elevated white blood count is nothing to worry about...its in God's hands.

I'm so thankful today that Clare played happily today without asking to go "night night" and actually ate a half a piece of bread and a small helping of mac and cheese...more than she has eaten in 4 days. So as always God is seeing us through the small things which at the time seem like mountains! Thank you so much to those of you who have surrounded us and our sweet baby girl in prayers!

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Anonymous said...

Poor Clare Bear!! I'm glad she is feeling better... those pictures are so sad! Can't wait to see you next week! LOVE to the Jackson family! Auntie V