Saturday, October 17, 2009

Trip to the Apple Orchard

Today we went on a day trip to the apple orchard for a couple of reasons. Reason number 1 is that I am quite obsessive about celebrating seasons. I love putting up new decorations, having appropriate seasonal food and drinks and doing seasonal activities. LD does not understand much of this, but it has gotten even more obsessive since Clare has been born. I love celebrations and can find a reason to celebrate just about anything. So LD had planned to take us to an apple orchard mostly because I had been complaining that in Michigan there are tons of Cider Mills and none in NC. The other reason is because next month we will be making a very long hike to Michigan, which is a 12 hour drive and right now we don't venture too far from home. I'm a little worried about Clare in the car for that long, so it was a good practice drive, since the apple orchard is two hours away.

We planned to leave after Clare's morning nap so she would be well rested, brought the dvd player to watch Yo Gabba Gabba and lots of books and snacks. We also brought "Lammie" which is her naptime lovey that we usually only leave in her bed, so that was a treat. She did great on the drive there and we watched two little videos. I event got to read and LD listened to music, so everyone was happy! We went to Skytop Orchards in Flat Rock, NC and when we got there it was much busier than we expected, and much much colder. It was about 40 degrees with 20 mile winds. We were dressed somewhat well, but not to be outside in that kind of weather. Since leaving Michigan neither of us can handle cold for very long. So we walked down to see the orchards and then whimped out and came back and bought a bag of apples instead of picking our own!

We decided to stop for lunch and just found a little hole in the wall sandwhich shop in the middle of downtown Hendersonville. We were one of 2 tables being served in the restaurant and our waitress was incredibly sweet, but probably close to 70. The first thing she did was give us a bowl of popcorn as our appetizer!! I have never been in a restaurant of any king where they give you popcorn until you order!! We had a quick lunch and it was decent, but more a good memory than anything else.

Clare took a little snooze on the way home and we deemed the trip a success. Now just praying that 12 hours in the car in one day is as easy as 4.......we will be praying all day!

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