Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fighting allergies

I have not been the greatest at blogging all of Clare's little moments lately, so I'm going to try and get better for our family far away. We have had a very busy two weeks as one set of grandparents left and another set came! I don't know how or why but we have no pictures of Grandma and Grandpa Jackson's visit. I know Grandma took a lot, but I think after the whole birthday celebration I must have been ready to put the camera up! We had a great visit with them and Grandma even got some time alone with Clare as I was running around town. LD and Larry headed to Atlanta for the U2 concert and had general admission seats. They ended up on the rail with the stage in front of them and were thrilled. It was Larry's 60th birthday present and the main highlight of the trip.

Last week was really time to get the house cleaned and back into the swing of things. Last Friday night we had friends over and Clare just decided it was time to walk. No more steps and no more teetering, she just was off!! And she's been going ever since. All of a sudden she can play for much longer times by herself and its so cute to see her following me, coming around a corner like a big girl! She's also learned all of a sudden to communicate much more than she was. She said "mmm" when she would like her milk, whenever she hears a noise she whispers "what's that?" which sounds more like "whassat?". She can hold up her finger when you ask how old she is and can do the animal sounds for a cow, dog, and monkey and make faces for a fish and a bunny. It's so cute. I love when she learns a new trick. Our favorite is still her wink. She winks at everyone and anyone who will look at her long enough!

I thought we had been fighting the on-set of a cold for a few weeks now, but after visiting the doctor a few times I'm pretty sure its seasonal allergies. The last time we were in Michigan Clare had some allergies and I think it is just going to be a seasonal thing. She is now on Zyrteck nightly and has a humidifier in her room. It's helping a little but every morning she just coughs and coughs in her bed. She's such a trooper but you can't help but feel so sad for her!

We are heading to the apple orchard this week if there is no rain..prayerfully!!!! So hopefully I'll have pics of that soon! Until then, here are a few of her one year old pics. We can't wait to see the rest of them!!

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