Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring break fun!!

We had a little stay-cation for Spring break this year and we really packed in the fun.  This was our family's first official Spring Break since this is Clare's first year of school and it just made me look forward to summer.  I love having all three of my kiddos home all day and not having to run around all morning.
We had my family (mom, dad, Aunt Tina, and cousin Emily) vising from Easter Sunday til Thursday and LD's family (both his sisters, 2 nieces, a nephew, and a great nephew) vising from Thursday til Sunday.  The girls were SO excited!!
I wanted to make sure we did some really fun things over the week, though I know everyone would have been content just hanging at home.  I haven't quite gotten adventurous enough to do anything except our basics (like Chick Fil a) with everyone, so since I had extra hands I wanted to do some fun things. 

Our first stop of the week was Ray's Splash Planet.  We hadn't been there yet and the girls LOVED it!!

It's definitely something I can't do on my own, but a place we will visit again for sure.

Cole was a trooper just hanging out in the VERY hot pool area.

During the course of the week we ate at Chick Fil a (twice!) and cook out (twice!) since both sets of guests requested our fav fast food joints :)  We also stopped at the park to play since the weather was beautiful.

The second half of the week our big fun activity was Monkey Joes...another place I'm not ready to tackle on my own.

But since we had cousins visiting...big cousins :)  we could do it!

And we hit up our neighbors trampoline for some afternoon jumping!

And after a good long week of lots of playing, EVERYTHING needed a good cleaning!
And after two days being back in the routine...I am really ready for lazy summer days!!

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