Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cold turkey Paci

This week was Elle's very first visit to the dentist. We had not taken Clare until she was 3, but Elle was already added to the insurance so it seemed silly to wait to take her since she would be going with us anyway.   I was very apprehensive for one reason: I knew the dentist would want her to get rid of her beloved paci and I was dreading it!!!
Clare on the other hand was THRILLED her sister would be getting her teethed cleaned too.  Clare loves the dentist and who wouldn't when you get a treat bag, there are toys in the waiting room and a tv on the ceiling above the chairs?!?  So she filled Elle in the whole way there.
We waited a lot longer than normal, but of course the girls were happily occupied with the waiting room toys.  And just as I suspected...Elle thought it was a fun treat and not an event to be dreaded.

She climbed on the table like a PRO and opened up her little mouth.  I think the hygienist was very surprised with the ease Elle decided to participate.  But all it takes is your big sister to know its going to be ok.

I love this sweet little dentist.  It's so cute that they got their teeth cleaned right next to each other.

And I love our dentist.  BUT...he did tell me the news I was dreading.  Paci needed to leave...asap. I explained that I was due in um...2 weeks and he still thought it would be better to get rid of it before rather than after. 
He said it takes 1 year for their mouth to naturally go back to normal and most likely I would not want to try dropping it after I had a newborn not sleeping through the night, so I would end up putting it off another 6 months.  Which I might add, is probably very likely.

Clare reminded me that when she went to the dentist the first time she was able to go to the cupcake store (that girl remembers everything!).  Thankfully we had made cupcakes last weekend and had a few at home, so we went home to indulge in our celebration of no cavities with nothing better than sugar!!
I left the girls with our neighbor and sweet friend Beth after lunch while I went to staff meeting and mentioned to Beth that we would probably stop paci that night.  When I got home, both girls were sleeping and Beth informed me that Elle had NO paci.  WHAT?!?  This is not what I expected!!
Last night was a little harder, but she only cried for about 30 minutes and then slept from 8 til 6:30 without a peep.  Again, I was so surprised!!!  At 6:30 (way too early for her) she was crying for paci and I went in a few times to give her a book and tell her to lay quietly, but the mornings will be hard for a while I think.  The poor girl fell asleep in the car today on the way to library class at 10:15.
The good news....I think paci is officially gone and hopefully she will not be a paci thief once our baby boy arrives!!

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