Friday, April 20, 2012

Settling in

We are here!!!!  After two weeks our new home is finally starting to feel like a home.  Moving with children should come with a warning.  It is SO much work.  We still have a long long way to go with small projects and plans, but we are settled and living happily in our new place.

The very first morning in our home was EASTER!!!

The girls looked so beautiful in their sweet Easter dresses!

And we had such a fun time at our friends, the Kirks who invited us to participate with their family in Easter lunch...

And an Easter egg hunt!!!

I wish I had taken more pictures of our first two weeks in the house, but I honestly have not stopped moving.  My mom came to visit (praise Jesus!!!) and LD had a business trip out of town.  We have been going non stop just trying to be able to live...but here are a few things we have completed.

My very first goal was to have the play room finished so the girls could play happily while I completed lots of other tasks.  We just purchased a rug for in there that is not pictured and I have some things I'd like to add...but it is perfectly fuctional for playing!  Mission accomplished!!

And when Grammie got here we seriously put her to work.  She was not happy with my lack of pictures because we accomplished a lot and she wanted it documented :)  But here is her and Clare watering our front flower bed.  My mom also taught me the names of the plants growing in flower bed because I am seriously clueless...but I'm learning!

All day last Saturday LD worked us SO hard.  We cleaned out the entire backyard which was not even mowed.  There were leaves, vines and just junk back there.  After the neighbors told us about the snakes that live in the area we were all nervous.  During our little adventure we found a family of baby bunnies (so sweet), a snake (so gross), a family of baby birds living under our deck, and a ton of bugs and spiders.  But the girls love their "forest" as Clare likes to call it.

My mom was seriously a God send this weekend.  We took down and scrubbed 8 sets of blinds, cleaned out flower beds, put down mulch, shopped, cooked...and painted!!

This is a before shot of the fireplace and my mom strongly disliked it immediately upon walking in.  I was not fond of it, but there are two other projects (stripes in the dining room and a copper backsplash in the kitchen that I am itching to fix) that I really wanted done more.

But I am so thankful we got it done because it looks so so good!!!

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