Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thank you, Grandpa!

A few days before our already planned trip to Michigan for my sisters bridal showers, my sweet grandpa "JB" Vann passed away.  As incredibly hard and sad as it is to lose someone you love, we all know that death is inevitable and when it is my turn to go I pray I go the way he went and leave behind a similar legacy.  I was also incredibly thankful that in God's perfect timing, I was already planning to be home with my family and could both attend my grandfather's funeral and spend time with my dad as he was grieving. 

One of the hardest things about losing my granpa was that he left behind my grandma.  Married for 66 years, it was a very rare occassion to see them apart.  My grandpa has always taken such great care of my grandma and it is painful to know that she no longer has him in this world.

This is them on their wedding day and I am so thankful I got a copy of this precious picture to bring home.

It was such a beautiful service and reminded everyone so clearly that my sweet grandpa is now standing in heaven with Jesus Christ.  I can know that for certainty because of the life he lived and the testimony of those he loved.  A very dear friend of my fathers, Roy Southerland did the service and one thing he said is that Jesus quiety whispered my grandfathers name and that it was time to go....and my grandpa was ready.  When he passed, he just closed his sickness, no waiting around, no calling of the family together...he was ready to meet His Creator.  My prayer is that whenever Jesus calls me home, my heart will be ready to respond to his call.

These are my ADORABLE grandparents this past Christmas.  Aren't they beautiful???

I am SO thankful and incredibly grateful that my grandfather chose to live a life that honored Christ and raised his 3 boys to do the same.  His choice to live a life for Christ is what has provided me a solid foundation to know my Heavenly Father and now to teach his great grand daughters about the God I personally know and love.

My sweet grandma after the service.  This was so precious and special that I got to spend that day with her.

Thank you grandpa for living a life of truth, integrity and most importantly one that mirrored that of Jesus Christ!


Teresa Templin said...

So sorry to hear of the passing of this wonderful man of God, Melissa! It's clear he was dearly loved and I'mt thankful he's with Jesus right now :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks T :)