Friday, May 13, 2011

Clare's big surprise

I've already posted about how much Clare loves Barney. It's quite an obsession. She talks to him when she's in her room by herself and when she's allowed to pick a video, its always, always Barney. So when we heard from a friend that Barney Live was coming to Charlotte, how could we resist taking her?!? ;)

We didn't tell Clare about it until the day of event. The biggest reason...I did not want her asking about it 1,000 times a day, and we also thought it would be fun to tell her together. So I woke Clare up from her nap a few weeks ago and told her she was going on a special date with just mommy and daddy. We had a sitter for Elle and we went up to LD's office to meet him. We went to Panera for dinner and told her we were going to see Barney. Her response? She said without much enthusiasm, "oh good, lets see VeggieTales too." She totally did not get it.

When we got there of course there were Barney items for sale everywhere. All growing up my parents took me to see Sesame Street Live and I always got a souvenir to take home. So, much to LD's disapproval I got Clare a wonderful $15 wand with a star on it. Clare also asked for cotton candy and a $5 balloon, but we refrained.

So the show starts and Clare kinda freaks out because its dark and the lights are going and then she says, "oh look its Barney, I need to go say hi" and hops into the asile like she's just going to walk onto stage. Clare did not sing every song (which she knows all the words to), nor did she clap her hands or stand and dance in the asiles like every other 2 and 3 year old. She said as still as a statue for an hour and a half and I don't think she even blinked. Not the response we thought we would get, but she definetely enjoyed the show.

As soon as we left, Clare sighed happily and said "Lets do that again tomorrow!" It's so fun to spoil our kids from time to time and it was a good little surprise date :)

PS, the wand broke before the end of the show, go figure!

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