Saturday, October 30, 2010

Elle's first week

I know I am not going to be nearly as good about blogging about Elle as I was with Clare, but I am going to try!! We have LOVED having Elle home with us. She has been such an easy, happy baby! I don't know if it comes from her being a second and us being more relaxed or with her just being a very content baby, but she has made this transition very easy for us thus far.

This week we have been blessed with meals from a few good friends, visitors coming to meet Elle and even a few outings. LD was home with us Monday and Tuesday and I think going back to work on Wednesday was a little harder for him than he expected. He has come home each night and lay with Elle on his chest while watching basketball (yes, unfortunately it is fantasy basketball time, which means there is ALWAYS a game on). We took Elle to her first week check up and she was up to 8lbs 13oz, which the doctor was happy about since when we left the hospital she was down to 8lb 10oz. She was a little yellow so they had to test her for jaundice and also do something to help her belly button heal since her cord had already fallen off. All of those little things made for a long not so fun day for Elle, but she is healthy so it was a good visit.

Our first big outing was taking Elle and Clare up to LD's office so he could show her off. It was my first time attempting to get showered myself, get both of the girls dressed, fed and get out of the house...and I still have my moms help. We didn't get to the office til 11 and I was a little overwhelmed by the effort it took to get there. We had a big surprise when we got there as LD's team had spoiled us with toys, clothes, blankets and wipes for Elle and a new baby doll for Clare. It was so incredibly thoughtful and Clare is so excited about her doll that cries ;) My mom treated us to Panera on the way home and we were all ready for a nap!!
Yesterday was a big day as our great friend Christine came over to take Elle's newborn pictures. Elle was not incredibly helpful as she was more awake than she has been since birth, but they got some awesome shots and I am SO excited to see them and show them off!

Life is good, we are blessed!! Elle is such a sweet addition to our family and Clare has been acting great in her new role as big sister!! Papa (my dad) comes on Monday and will stay with my mom til Thursday, then we switch grandparents and LD's parents head into town. I am So thankful to have help as long as I can! I'm sure in the weeks to come my posts may not be so "up" as I adjust to life with two little girls!

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Rebecca said...

i'm so glad you have lots of help...what a blessing! it is a lot different trying to get places with more kids, eh? elle is so sweet. it's so fun having sisters, isn't it? :)