Sunday, September 5, 2010

My sweet Bella-boo

Look...someone's been sleeping in my bed!!!

The only furniture she's allowed to sleep on....

Searching for bunnies

Caught in the act!!!

Best friends :)

Anyone who knew me pre-Clare knows thats my sweet cocker spaniel Bella was my first baby. She was incredibly spoiled and treated like a human in many ways. I feel like she deserves a little love shout out on the blog for being such a great dog!!

Bella is the most maintenance free dog anyone could ever have. She has a little doggie door in the dining room and goes in and out whenever she needs to. We feed her twice a day and other than that requires not much attention. Bella is so so sweet with Clare and very protective of her when we are out walking.

I recently decided that Bella was no longer allowed to sleep on our bed during the day. She's never been allowed in bed with us at night, but would curl up on top of the covers during the day. Well all of a sudden I started finding her UNDER the covers of my made bed. Yes, she would seriously pull the covers back with her paws and crawl under. It was comical, ridiculous...and gross. So poor Bella is no longer allowed on our new couch or in our bedroom. So here is a pic of her new favorite place to sleep, even though she doesn't fit very well.

Thanks for being such a sweet dog Bella...even as you continue to get demoted as we add more children to our home!

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