Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July fun!

We had such a great weekend celebrating the 4th of July! It honestly felt like we celebrated from Friday to Monday, but thats what holiday weekends are for!! One of the highlights of our weekend was the Indian Trail parade on Saturday morning with some great friends. Clare loved running into the street to pick up candy and put it in the bucket. She did NOT like the sirens and loud horns from the firetrucks. After the 2nd firetruck went by she just said "all done" over and over. It was hard to get her remotivated to pick up candy after that! Saturday night LD played poker with some friends and we went over to hang out with the ladies, and Clare got to swim in their little pool.

Then on Sunday we went to church and then after everyone took a long nap we went to our friends house from church for a cook-out. There were lots of friends there and Clare was in all her glory playing with: a 10 week old kitty, a swing set, and a little push buggy. What more could a little girl want?? She ran and ran and ran in the backyard until about 8pm and then asked to go night night. We opted to sit out fireworks again this year and hopefully by next year she'll be able to make the late night. It was a long weekend for her and we didn't want to have a crabby girl all day Monday and it was a great decision because Monday was a great family day for us.

Hope you had a great weekend celebrating America's Birthday!!

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