Monday, December 28, 2009

An Unexpected Christmas

So I will admit my blogs are usually pretty cheery and centered around our beautiful little girl. And as much as I wanted to skip blogging about Christmas all together, it was an event I dont think I will ever forget. So, grab a cup of coffee and prepare yourself for a Christmas story you won't believe...seriously.

We planned on heading to Michigan for Christmas for one week from Sunday to Sunday. The first half of our trip was spent at LD's parents house and the second half at my parents house. The first half of our trip was uneventful (which is a good thing!). We spent time with family, had lunch with LD's high school friends and their families, opened Christmas presents and Clare saw a ghost (yes I'm serious, but that is another story).

On Wednesday we headed to my parents house and stopped halfway in Chelsea to meet all my college roomies and their families at a childrens play place called The Treehouse (I personally think is where the curse began). After a fun time we headed to my parents, which is an hour away. Two blocks from my parents LD hit a patch of ice and we slid into a tree. Poor LD was so upset, but we were all unharmed, just my car suffered some damage. We went to my parents a little annoyed, but it was not going to ruin our day. That night we went to sleep and I was sick all night, blaming it on food posioning. I didn't feel sick, but I was up all night. The next morning I realized Clare had also been sick and figured we must have eaten something because she also did not have a fever....ready, here is where it gets crazy. From there 12 of my family members and friends (including Vanessa and LD) ended up with this "little bug" that was later identified H1N1. My poor sister who flew from Vegas never left her bedroom and never opened 1 present. By Christmas night LD was sick as well as my dad. When my dad got sick his blood pressure dropped and he passed out, which of course was a HUGE scare for us and we called 911. So my mom and I got Vanessa and LD situated on couches to take care of each other, Clare to my aunts house and spent Christmas night at the hospital, with only one other very big scare with my dad. They admitted him and my mom and I sat at the hospital laughing so hard we cried in between the actual crying. How does this stuff happen???? By the next day the "bug" had gotten to my older sisters family and the ambulance made a stop at their house that night.
My mom somehow skated by without ever getting sick. While she was getting my dad from the hospital I tied a scarf around my face, found some gardening gloves, a bottle of Lysol and went on a mission to kill this dumb bug that had ruined our Christmas. During my cleaning episode I had a few "ah-ha" moments. One is that God's mercies are new EVERY morning. It was very scary when my dad had passed out, and I am still thanking Jesus that He had the outcome he did in store for us and him. But I also was reminded that no matter what the outcome ever is in any situation, His mercies are still new every morning. I was also reminded that simplicity is so important. It's not about how far you drive, how many family members you see, how many presents you have or how many parties you attend...its about the simplicity of celebrating Christ's birth and spending time with those God has blessed me with.

Clare did great in the car, great through the sickness, and was a trooper. I continue to be very proud of her. Some of her favorite presents this year were a shopping cart, a puppy named Violet and her first doll house. We are blessed to have my sister with us this week and will spend this week celebrating our time together.

Though I pray we never relive this Christmas, God has taught me a few things along the way. I pray that your Christmas was spent SIMPLY celebrating the birth of our Savior with those you love.


Rebecca said...

oh my, that is a crazy christmas! so glad everyone is better now. and isn't it just like God to teach you great things in the midst of crazy things?!
love your new blog header cute!
i have a rocking chair for my girls just like the one clare is using in the last photo of this was mine when i was a little girl.

kay said...

what a train wreck! glad you lived through it and didn't bring it back with you!

love how God can teach you things even with barf! :)