Saturday, September 19, 2009

One week til birthday time!

I'm sure all babies are like this, but it has been fun that we have been "celebrating" Clare's birthday the entire month of September! It started with Auntie V's visit two weeks ago and today it was so fun visiting with Aunt Linda, Uncle John and our cousin Nicki! They were all down visiting for a wedding not too far, so we were able to meet halfway for lunch. Nicki and Uncle John hadn't met Clare yet, and Aunt Linda was so excited to see her again! Of course Clare was decked out in her Michigan gear, yet again for the big game. LD has made a 'schedule' of when she needs to wear her outfit since Michigan won last week when she wore it. I already told him he'll have to make due because she is not wearing it next week for her birthday party!

Clare had a very busy week this week with our first music class, a visit from great friends who came to drop off birthday presents and a cold that really turned our week upside down! The music class was so fun for both Clare and I. It's called Music Together and I had participated with the triplets when I used to nanny. It's 45 min, and there are 13 kids in her class from little babies to about 4 years. Everyone just sits on the floor, the teacher plays some songs, lets kids play on drums and use shakers. I was very excited to expose Clare to more children since she is with me during the day and only spends an hour in the nursery at church. When we got there most of the other kids were sitting in their mommy's lap, but Clare crawled around, waved to everyone and didn't come back to sit by me throughout the whole class. When the teacher started singing and playing her instruments Clare sat directly in front of her and swayed side to side for a good 20 min. It's exciting to have an independent little girl, but I have no doubt one day those words may haunt me! It was incredibly cute and she came home and took a GREAT nap!
I think, and pray, we are almost done with this cold. She is finally sleeping again, thankfully!! We had some rough nights because its hard to suck your thumb when you can't breathe out your nose!! Next week my parents are coming down and so is my best friend from home! They are all coming to celebrate Clare's big first birthday and I'm sure it will be a great week! How is she already one?!?!

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